DiSalvo a true professional

Dear Editor:

For close to 10 years I have been privileged to be a guest in Pitkin County and at the same time bring an event attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators and visitors to your community. Throughout this entire experience the planning for the safety and efficient interface of spectators, athletes, staff and community assets has been orchestrated under the direction of the now-undersheriff, Joe DiSalvo.

A successful event, such as the Winter X Games, does not just appear on the scene overnight. It takes planning, professionalism, experience, patience and cooperation. Above all it takes successful execution! Joe DiSalvo brings all of these assets and more to serve everyone who lives and visits Pitkin County.

I look forward to working with Joe DiSalvo and his Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office team for many years in the future.

Jack Wienert

Bristol, Conn.