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Dirty tricks don’t belong here

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

As I hope most Basalt citizens know, I am running for mayor of Basalt. After my opponent began putting out lawn signs, I put out my own “Elect Anne Freedman Mayor” signs, although I had planned to wait until a week before the election.

In the last few days, at least four of my signs have disappeared while nearby signs for my opponent have remained in place. I am not accusing my opponent of playing Chicago-style politics. I am sure some of his overzealous supporters are acting on their own, but I hope he can convince them that dirty tricks don’t belong in our small town. This election should be decided on the issues and qualifications of the candidates.

Campaign signs are expensive and cannot easily be replaced in a few days. Removing them is a criminal act and I have reported the theft to the police. I sincerely hope Basalt has seen the last of this.

Anne Freedman

Basalt town councilwoman

and candidate for mayor