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Digital dilemma

I am the director of a nonprofit childcare center in the Yellow Brick Building called Roaring Fork Kids. Recently, we had a newly bought digital camera stolen from our office.

Because we are a nonprofit, we have to raise funds to buy equipment like this, and it is not easy to buy things that are not everyday operating materials. We posted signs all over our building about the missing camera and also contacted the police, and nothing turned up.

Yesterday, the director of the Aspen Gay and Lesbian Foundation donated his digital camera to our school, to take the place of the one that went missing.

I wanted to say thank you to him for this generous donation; it is greatly appreciated. I also wanted to thank the community and all the people who support our program. Without the help and support from our community members, Roaring Fork Kids could not be so successful.

Christina Holloway


Roaring Fork Kids


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