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Dig into oil companies

Dear Editor:

It is with amazement that I read reports of a “secret” nature of the dreaded “fracking” fluid. Let’s review the facts:

1. Thousands of people in the state prepare and implement this technology.

2. There is a world-class petroleum engineering program at the Colorado School of Mines.

3. From the reports out of Garfield County, this process can cause serious environmental damage to water supplies and areas around well-drilling sites.

4. There is currently available a list of those “non-secret” ingredients, some of which are, to say the least, a little scary.

My point is this: With a little legwork the county commissioners should be able to find out what this stuff is made out of and pass legislation to protect our environment.

Perhaps some of the journalists in the state would be willing to try to solve this mystery. I’m willing to bet that not every employee who handles this stuff is a happy camper, and there is always the maxim “Follow the money.” See where these companies buy supplies, find the manifests on the rail shipments or just fess up. The oil companies are smarter and more powerful than “we the people.” I don’t buy it.

Sandy Dickson

Snowmass Village