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Different teachings

Dear Editor:The Jan. 17 story about the Shower of Stoles project at the Aspen Community Church struck a sad and sour note with me (“Aspen showered with stoles”). Our daughter attends this church. She sent me a copy of the newspaper article and a recent church “bulletin.” She wanted my opinion on the project and the church’s position on homosexuality. I called her and said, “You already know my position. Homosexuality is and always has been considered by God to be sin, because it is unnatural and is an act in direct disobedience of God’s law.” (Please read Romans, chapter 2, to see the end for those who willingly disobey and discount God.)We have talked several times since as she has become increasingly concerned about the teaching coming from the pulpit. She loves the friends she has there, and the church building reminds her of the churches her grandfather, my dad, pastored when she was a child. What she is hearing from the pulpit today is directly opposed to what she was taught and believes. The words grieve her spirit. She is right in her concerns and the pastor is wrong in his teaching. He is wrong from the directives of the denomination he labors under and he is wrong from the authority of scripture. It is still true whenever people wish to replace the truths of God with their opinion they always attack the voice of authority, which this pastor has done from his pulpit, by calling the scriptures unreliable.Mr. Cram states in the article that Aspen is a “liberal” place and that we should abandon old beliefs about homosexuality. What an opportunity God has given this man to be a beacon of light in the midst of darkness, to preach the truth of purity in life with God’s help and mercy, instead of “selling out” to the popular culture for whatever advantage that gives him. Look at Paul’s second letter to Timothy (4:10) to see a parallel.If a person takes a position to be a spokesman for another, he must speak the words of the authority to whom he must answer or he is a fraud and must be dismissed. To not be dismissed by the master, the master agrees with a lie about himself. This is true in the church, politics and in business.The truths of Jesus Christ always clash with popular culture and if we are Christians we must follow Christ regardless of the consequences or the culture.Cultures change, God said of Himself; “I change not.”This is truth. Although homosexuality is sin, we as Christians are to love the people and to encourage them to seek the presence of God and let God deal with them in love. We are not to accept their actions as normal nor give then positions of authority least we too fall into error.We are praying for the true believers in this church and for the pastor to repent and teach God’s truth in love.John Dumke Omaha, Neb.

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