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Did lefties learn anything?

Dear Editor:I used to think that the Comedy Central show was funny, but it can’t touch two of the letters I read on your Web site.The Nov. 8 tirade by someone claiming to be Susan DeCillis (surely she didn’t sign her real name) is out there with Michael Moore. Not only has Halliburton been vilified by many who don’t have a clue what they do, they were called on by Bill Clinton when he needed to get things done in Bosnia (another war started by you folks, but usually conveniently forgotten). Halliburton, by the way, does not drill oil wells any more than Michael Moore or Al Franken or Al Gore or any of your other extremist radical whacko lefties. Anyway, Susan, as a great favor to all of the Americans who did vote, won’t you pass around whatever it is you are smoking. Thanks.To Linelle (Aspen Times, Nov. 5), who went on another tirade about how “slightly more than half” of the voters voted for Bush, all you lefties seem to have forgotten that your man Bill Clinton was elected twice by “a good deal less than half” of the voters. You “selected rather than elected” whackos also seem to forget that countless leftie groups recounted the Florida vote for months after the election and all agree that Bush won!You also seem to forget that had Crazy Al Gore carried his own home state of Tennessee, his inability to steal the election with his Democrat Florida Supreme Court and all of the Democrat people running the polls would have been of no consequence. Although many conservatives did not agree totally with your man, Clinton, we supported him through the “dot com” smoke-and-mirrors boom and the overseeing of the Enron, Tyco, and others’ misconduct. Remember, these problems were discovered on Bush’s watch – they were done on your watch.Why not just get over it and follow your “anybody but Bush” candidate Kerry and try to come together for America, or are you one of those who want to move to Canada? I would suspect that if you did some research, you would discover that the ol’ U.S. of A. is still a far sight better than most other countries, or people from all over the world would not be trying so hard to come here to live. Dean’s hate backfired on him – didn’t you folks learn anything?Glenn BratcherKaty, Texas

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