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Development ying …

Dear Editor: I have been lobbying council and the city staff for months now, trying to get some regulations enacted that might soften the impact of the development/construction juggernaut. I stated repeatedly that if I had to settle for just one thing, it would be prohibiting construction activity on Saturdays. The construction monster is allowed to assault us five days a week with noise, and stink, and traffic; how about a two-day respite for those of us who are actually trying to live life in this formerly bucolic burg?One hour. That, folks, is the total amount of respite that council, in it’s munificence, has seen fit to give the residents of Aspen. One hour! Construction is now allowed to take place 72 hours a week. Council is cutting this back to 71 hours. Boy, oh boy – that’s really going to improve the quality of life around here. Council member Rachel Richards is quoted in the press as saying that prohibiting Saturday construction will result in projects taking longer, creating the potential for “missing deadlines.” So what? Who cares? I have been suffering the impacts of the Innsbruck timeshare redevelopment (125 feet from my door) for two years; it is going to wrap up just in time for construction to begin on the new synagogue (300 feet from my door). Guessing that that project will take about three years, this means FIVE YEARS of negative impacts on my life, my home. Five years, and council can’t give me two days a week of quiet time?Must every decision this city makes be weighted towards the needs and wants of the “development community?” Can no consideration be given to the people, to the very real impacts this is having on our lives? How is it that fealty to developers has become Aspen’s raison d’être ? The city has a “Community Development” department; the “development” is well-served – what about the “community?” There is something seriously wrong here.James MarchAspen

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