Destined to be in Iraq |

Destined to be in Iraq

Dear Editor:While I respect the people who voice opinions against the Iraqi war or any war for that matter, I just don’t understand how some think this war is for profit for well-connected companies.I also don’t understand how some can forget what a cruel dictator Saddam Hussein was and how he offered $25,000 to the families of suicide bombers that would kill the infidel (us). I know that quite a few of our companies are over there helping to rebuild Iraq, but so are other countries’ companies. I also don’t wear rose-colored glasses and know that there are kickbacks and people making big bucks on this war. However, that happens every day in America and probably even more so in a place like Aspen, where a lot of well-connected people have their second or third homes.Sue Gray, did you come up with these dire predictions when you were over there illegally? You don’t have to like Bush or this war, but get a grip. Anyone with any sense could see that these things were most likely to happen once Saddam Hussein was overthrown. Do you understand that the majority of the Iraqis are glad for what we did and know they have a rough road ahead of them? Do you understand that the mainstream media only shows the “sensational” stories that will sell? There are many more people actually living better lives in Iraq. We only see the killing and the bombings via our great mainstream media. I think a lot of us also forget that before Bush took over as the president (not a regime, as some of you say), Bill Clinton bombed the hell out of Saddam and way more than the former President Bush did with his Gulf War. If Clinton was in office, we would still be where we are at – in Iraq. Clinton passed this on to Bush, as he didn’t know what to do with Saddam or bin Laden. Be against the war; just put your hatred for our government on the shelf. Be happy you have a government that will let you bash it. Under Saddam you would have been tortured or even worse, killed and dumped in a mass grave.Cynthia BartoshLas Vegas

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