Despots, slaughter and who is to blame |

Despots, slaughter and who is to blame

Dear Editor:Probably pretty dumb to drag this out with the Jim Perrys of the world, but it might be important to mention here that when Saddam gassed those 400,000 Kurds he was using American-made chemicals gleefully supplied to him by Ron Reagan and Don Rumsfeld.There is a nice photo of Rummy sucking up to Saddam from that era if anyone cares to search for it; I think they were toasting a goat – the Judas goat, maybe. Back then the USA were big Saddam fans and anti-Ayatollah guys; back then we were in the business of arming Iraq against Iran and for some reason, our current buddies the Kurds. In fact, much of that U.S. weaponry can still be seen killing U.S. troops on the nightly news.Or maybe Mr. Perry was referring to blundering elder Bush, when that “war president” left the revolting Shia movement high and dry after the first Gulf debacle. Forty-one’s ignorance of basic Kipling and elementary geopolitics set up a horrifying massacre of a hundred thousand Shiites; an internecine bloodbath motivated by tribal politics and ignited by a perpetually insane U.S. foreign policy.Our current George Bush’s war in Iraq has claimed 200,000 innocent Iraqis. Dubya is now vying with Saddam for the Despot of the New Millennium title; when it comes to killing blameless masses these two whack jobs are in a world of their own.The grim reality is that we are in the process of installing an Iraqi Taliban that is already in tight with Iran. Our troops are dying fighting the Sunni on the behalf of the Iraqi Shia so that those Shia can band together with the Iranian Shia and then get back to the business of slaughtering us for interfering with their slaughtering.As for my mentioning that women could vote under Saddam, that was the point; if the latest sharia-shaped Iraqi constitution is ratified, women’s rights in particular and democracy in general will be made a mockery. As for my watching CNN, the “communist news network,” well, ah, I’m not to sure how to respond to that one except to maybe suggest that, next time, Jim?Only take half.Patrick HasburghAspen

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