Deserves a spanking

Dear Editor:For the last two mornings I have sat in the non-HOV lane on my way to Aspen – car after car with solo drivers passed me by in the HOV lane causing a virtual stand still for the non- HOV lane. The chance of getting a ticket as a single occupant in the HOV lane is slim and that, I suppose, is the rational used for ignoring the rule. Another justification might be that since others are ignoring the rule, you will too. The real issue is one of respect for others. Two common traits of the single drivers using the HOV lane are: 1) As you pass others, your eyes are focused straight ahead, pretending that you don’t realize what you are doing;2) When it comes to merging, you have either a pathetic look on your face that you are somehow underprivileged and need a break, or you continue on with eyes focused straight ahead pretending you don’t realize what you are doing. In all cases this is lowdown, belly-crawling behavior that your mother should spank you for. If you believe that you are better and more entitled than your neighbor, then keep on with your pathetic ways. If you chose to treat fellow travelers with awareness and respect, you may find that your neighbors will be nicer to be around, children will smile more in your presence, and gifts will start mysteriously appearing at your door. It’s a Wonderful Life. Be well.Mark KwiecienskiBasalt