Derek will lead and listen

Dear Editor:

I have watched the city of Aspen candidates debate (on GrassRoots) … I have read about them and I have listened to them and I have to say that I have been impressed by all 13 (of them)! And I want to thank all (13) candidates for making a tough choice, for doing what I know is not easy … for running for public office.

A few months ago my friend Derek “Coach” Johnson called me. He was thinking about running for City Council, and he was not asking for my support … but for my advice. And once I was done giving him perhaps more advice then he wanted I gave him my support. It is not that Derek and I agree on everything … it is that we can talk about everything. Even more it is that Derek truly understands what it means to be a part of our community … to work more than one job, to work with our local youth, to be young, not so young, and to be single, married, and a parent. Therefore … who better to represent us … who better to serve on the Aspen City Council … than Derek “Coach” Johnson!?

Remember to vote on or before May 5 … and remember to vote for Derek Johnson.

Patti Kay-Clapper



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