Derek for City Council

Dear Editor:

It is with great pleasure and honor that I am writing this letter in support of one of the finest candidates running in the upcoming election for City Council, Coach Derek Johnson.

My name is Thomas S. Goode, and I have lived in Aspen/Snowmass for a very long time. During those years, I have been committed to giving back to a community ” that means a great deal to me. When asked to head up the comeback of a football program for Aspen High School, I was eager to give more than 100 percent to establish the foundation for a successful program. I knew that in order to achieve this I would need to surround myself with great people who would share the same goals and dedication.

The very first person I pursued was Derek Johnson. I knew he would be truly dedicated, and everything needed for the program to grow and develop with integrity, Derek possessed. I was proud to have him on my team and proud of all we accomplished for the program together along with our other coaches. Derek is selfless and a true leader of the community. He is a hard worker, a great communicator and a wonderful family man.

The people of Aspen should not let this opportunity pass them by. A man like Derek does not come around often ” a great man willing to give of his time to dedicate to the community. Elect Coach Derek Johnson to represent you as a member to the City Council.

Coach Tom Goode