Deputy got preferential treatment |

Deputy got preferential treatment

Dear Editor:Deputy DiSalvo was not treated equally when cited for harassing women and punching a man on the face at a bar. There was a lot of favoritism shown. If he smelted of alcohol, why didn’t Consuegra make him do sobriety tests, breathalizer test, etc.? Anyone else accused of punching another person and smelling of alcohol would have been made to take a chemical test of the blood, breath, saliva, or urine and left in jail until sober and able to make bond. Instead he was escorted by his friend Consuegra out of the bar. Consuegra’s police report should read:”DiSalvo smelled of alcoholic beverage on his breath, had watery red eyes, and speech was slurred. I asked him if he had been drinking and he said yes. I asked him if had punch a man on the face and he said yes. I asked him if he had thrown money at two women looking for a lost piece of jewelry and he said, yes, the antic was done in jest.”The DA’s office should charge him with disorderly conduct, assault and battery on the man, assault and battery on the women, public intoxication and police abuse, and should treat him like any other Dick and Harry, or like all Hispanics are being treated in this area. Anything short of this shows that he was indeed treated favorably. And why is Tom Drake described as burly, when DiSalvo is just as big. Why not describe DiSalvo as a bully, and pet deputy of our Neanderthal-looking sheriff? Imagine a police officer acting in this manner in a packed public place? Can you think of what he can do to you in a isolated alley or while getting stopped on Highway 82 at night? Can you imagine what any of those cops can do to anyone in this valley after he his let out free or even if convicted? God bless us all!Joaquin VargasAspen

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