Depp could have … |

Depp could have …

Dear Editor:

If the media reports are correct, more than $2.5 million went up in smoke and ashes Saturday night in Woody Creek.

Now that Johnny Depp has spent all that money, H.S.T. is “been, gone and forgotten.” What a wonderful, lasting, viable tribute and memorial it could be had J.D. opted to build any of the following:

1. The H.S.T. bike path to Glenwood Springs

2. The H.S.T. recreational center in Pitkin County

3. The H.S.T. counseling center for alcohol and drug abuse in the Roaring Fork Valley

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4. The H.S.T. abused children’s center in the Roaring Fork Valley

5. The H.S.T. endowment for the Aspen Historical Society

6-100. You name it!

“C’est la vie.”

P. Nicklin


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