Deny additional space for ski museum |

Deny additional space for ski museum

Dear Editor:

First, many thanks for your sacrifice of time and long hours on the Lift One Task Force to find common ground.

I find it distressing the Aspen Historical Society has now requested the originally planned floor space for the proposed ski museum of 6,000 square feet be increased to 8,500 square feet. I would like to be on record that I vehemently oppose the increase in proposed size of the ski museum.

The historical society letter speaks of community benefit and community asset, but those are words with empty meaning in this case because it is clearly not in the best interest of the community benefit to increase the ski museum which not everyone believes is necessary in the first place ” given there will be two large hotels, a ski lift, a restaurant, employee housing, transportation depot, and God knows how many other buildings will sneak in. There will be no air to breathe between the buildings!

Those of us who live within a few yards of the proposed ski museum have no interest in having it one inch larger than the minimum. The Historical Society states in their letter they will “visit” with HPC and council about their proposed increase in space ” “visit”? (Over tea?)

Finally, the historical society letter refers to “exhibit requirements” ” to which I respond there are NO requirements, there are only requests! And those requests for more space should be denied.

Susan O’Neal


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