Denver would have left Mount Sopris alone |

Denver would have left Mount Sopris alone

Dear Editor:

Regarding John Denver and Mount Sopris, indeed, there is no such “minority opposition.”

As someone who actually did know John, knows the difference between reality and image, has spent time and lived here for over 34 years, has met this person petitioning, and regardless of my respect for John’s amazing accomplishments, I strongly oppose this peak-naming based on one simple concept: John would not have wanted a Sopris peak named for him.

Vanity was not his purpose here, nor his message to the world.

(Despite all the goodness that poured out of John into our valley and all over the planet, it’s hard to believe and sad that there are still people trying to ride on his coattails – trying to appear more “important” up the John Denver ladder than they are – a ladder only they perceive.)

Brenda Bell


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