Denver was no enviro |

Denver was no enviro

Dear Editor:

I just read the controversy regarding naming a sistered Colorado mountain peak of Mount Sopris after celebrity John Denver.

When will the sycophants ever be satisfied with their vicarious living through generally narcissistic celebrities? Mr. Deutschendorf Jr. was afforded the use of an in-ground fuel supply tank (nonagricultural) for scooting around in his Porsche while the nation stood in line for gas.

If there is a pristine, powerful snowcapped peak that needs a name, why not dip into the ample reservoir of truly environmentally dedicated women and men? Mr. D, due in part to his fame, played from both sides of Colorado’s beauty to grab money while others really got their fingernails dirty.

Absent a more thoughtful and introspective approach, you’ll either read every People Magazine cover for the celebrity du jour or just scan Colorado’s peaks.

Ric Speaker

Heber City, Utah

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