Denver fans do good work |

Denver fans do good work

Dear Editor:This is in response to the letter from Christine Smith (Aspen Times, Sept. 9).Most of the John Denver fans that go to Aspen are not rowdy, nor there to cause trouble. For one thing, this is a gathering of people from all over the world who not only come to pay tribute, but also to see those people they have become friends with.Not only do we gather in concerts to pay tribute to John, but these same fans have helped out in the John Denver Sanctuary planting trees and doing other work with the town, but the concerts have also benefited many different functions in Aspen. There is singing at the Assisted Living Center that the residents seem to enjoy and look forward to. Sometimes food is collected at the events to help with various needs. Our time in Aspen isn’t just about partying and paying homage to a singer who’s life tragically ended early, but it’s also to renew friendships. I would say that there is less trouble in Aspen when John Denver fans are there than at any other time of the year.Yes, people are upset about the airport closing, as we feel it could have been done at another time. However, most of us were upset because we had made confirmed reservations and had to change them at additional expense to us. We don’t hold this against the people of Aspen, but yes, like others, we were very shocked at the way this was all handled.Dorothy FearnleyNaugatuck, Conn.