Dems, media hate America |

Dems, media hate America

Dear Editor:On Dec. 16, a day after the historic voting in Iraq, the “Dems have lost another election,” to quote a wise, but hated media man. NBC actually had a happy woman reporter there in Baghdad in the midst of happy, smiling Iraqis. The other media reps did not know what to do with such wonderful success – for the Iraqis, but also the president, whom they have nothing but undisguised hatred for. The Dems, again to quote that same wise man, have vested themselves in defeat, for the president, and for the troops’ mission. This is a great moment in the history of the world, perhaps as great as the fall of the Berlin Wall. There should be accolades ringing from the halls of Congress, congratulations from all leaders of the world, praise from all facets of media. Guess what, not happening!Silence from the great (used to be respected) mainstream media. NPR, [on a recent] morning, had a short segment on the election; it was about the complaints of a few Sunni that said they didn’t have enough polling places. NPR (Noxious Prevaricators Radio), spent more air time on the vile Richard Pryor (three days) and their favorite murderer, good ol’ innocent Tookie, than the victory of the Iraqis over anarchy. The Dems and the media apparently hate the president more than they care about the fate of the country. It does not get any worse that that.This dead silence, or other lead stories by the media, in the face of a great step forward for real peace in the Middle East, shows the real attitude and agenda of the 75 percent of the mainstream media in the U.S. that is left-leaning, Dem or socialist-inclined, and last, but most importantly, haters of the Bush administration. No credit will ever come from them.These charges of bias have become more frequent in the last few years, and are proved every day if one looks, listens, reads other sources than their selective, slanted, slanderous choices of viewpoint. The words they and their sources use come right out of communist doctrine, i.e. imperialistic, capitalistic, militaristic, racist, etc. The U.S. “invaded” Iraq, but “overthrew” the Taliban. It is endless. “Polls declare the U.S. public wants out of Iraq!” Well, as “the public” has no information of what is really happening in Iraq, not being there to see for itself, it must rely on interpretation of events there. Events interpreted by people who are opposed to the situation present what is an expected view, a constant stream of negativity, selected events. Always showing the U.S. military and government as the real bad players, the “insurgents” as the oppressed just fighting for their “invaded country.” This is the reason for bad polling numbers. Even that is beginning to change in spite of every effort of lefty, anti- American journalists.This country has consistently been the savior, not oppressor – again and again in world history. When will that fact be honored, and recognized? Never, by the America haters, blamers, sorrily in our midst, and in the media.Francis SingletonRedstone

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