Democrats incapable of rational discussion |

Democrats incapable of rational discussion

Dear Editor:On Feb. 15, Peter Larrowe follows the Democratic “party line,” saying there isn’t a Social Security “crisis,” only a “problem.”Like Democrats always do, he advocates more taxes to solve the problem. Further, his solution of immediately increasing the tax burden only postpones the problem and will make the problem worse when the money collected eventually fails to exceed the payments. Doesn’t he understand that the more we increase the debt to Social Security, the worse the drain on general revenue will be when we finally have to pay the debt?Democrats seem incapable of having a rational discussion about how to fund Social Security because they admire the welfare state that pays no attention to private property.In the same paper, Soviet apologist Joel Brence extols the virtue of Arthur Miller. In fact, Miller was a communist who supported the Moscow/Stalin-financed American Communist Party. Miller and his fellow travelers lied when they said the American Party was independent of Moscow. The American Communist Party clearly wanted to achieve world domination by their Soviet masters.Bill SchafferAspen

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