Democracy at gunpoint |

Democracy at gunpoint

Big lies in high places continue unabated, with the latest RNC ads proclaiming “There are those who will attack the president for attacking the terrorists.” Hogwash! The 9/11 terrorists were dissatisfied youth from Saudi Arabia and had no (nada, zilch) connection with pre-invasion Iraq.

To presume otherwise is a blatant falsehood, which unfortunately we’ve come to expect from this administration and its proxies. What this illegal war has produced (which many antiwar voices predicted) is a fertile ground for terrorists in post-invasion Iraq.

It has, in fact, destabilized the region and has made the world much more dangerous ” the latest attacks in Turkey, for example, which incidentally became another front on “the war on terror” (according to Boy-Bush). As Maureen Dowd says, “Here a front, there a front, everywhere a front.”

Lest one forget, this past March, the warmongers claimed this action was preventative. Now that it’s obvious that there was no imminent threat, and perhaps not even a distant one, we are told it’s all about democracy (at gunpoint I may add). If and when that proves futile, perhaps in a few months, what will the reasons be? What’s left ” perhaps for the fun of it?

This reckless act is worse than a crime. It’s a colossal blunder, which will have debilitating consequences on our great nation for at least a generation.

Our Founding Fathers warned of the melding of political interests with the commercial (corporate) interests. They would be appalled that our foreign policy has been hijacked by oil interests (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, Rice, all former big-oil executives). And unfortunately, our proud and brave military looks like a mercenary force in Iraq, at no fault of theirs (they’re just following orders). Oil wars and empire are not sustainable.

And as far as Jay Pate (who attacked my last letter) and the other local Bush War cheerleaders (whose voices are increasingly silent), could they be having doubts with the increasing costs in blood and treasure, $175 billion and 435 U.S. soldiers?

Mr. Pate, interestingly enough, didn’t argue for Boy-Bush’s success in Iraq, but chose to proselytize on the non-issue of Howard Dean’s flag-flap. Once again, Dr. Dean shows that on the most significant issues of the day (his Iraq War opposition) and race in America ” he is ahead of the curve and in lockstep with forward-thinking Americans.

News Flash: Attention, Big Gov. Conservatives ” it’s cheaper to buy oil than to conquer it. See ya on the Ridge.

Ben Newell


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