Demand energy choices |

Demand energy choices

Dear Editor:I would like to thank Rebecca Clarren (“Writers on the Range,” Aspen Daily News, June 13) for her much-needed reminder about the health hazards involved in fast-tracking gas leases in our valley and throughout the West. Considering our current laughable “discussion” of the imminent leasing of roadless areas in the White River National Forest and elsewhere, we definitely needed it. If public lands decisions are, as stated by the president, up to state governments, why wouldn’t we choose to stall this leasing process, if only for a brief respite from their obvious impacts?As Ms. Clarren says, “Despite the potential for health problems from unregulated pollution, neither the Centers for Disease Control nor the Environmental Protection Agency is conducting long-term public health studies connected to all this drilling.” A perfect Catch-22. No studies being conducted, therefore no evidence of impacts. Any idiot driving I-70 between Glenwood and Parachute can see, smell and experience the impacts just in terms of the extra truck traffic, and the destruction of the once beautiful I-70 corridor, now one giant gravel pit. Not to mention the drilling rigs themselves.I understand that people feel the need to restrain their rage against this abuse in order to rationalize their use of natural gas, but considering the fact that we have been offered no reasonable alternative to either suffering or allowing it, I suggest we have a right to be angry enough to demand energy choices, not ultimatums, from these industries that are destroying our most precious resources: our land, our air and our water. The individuals and entities who defend these destructive industries, which do nothing to ensure our future energy needs, and simply destroy lives and land for corporate gain or to fill county coffers, remind me of prostitutes who defend their abusive pimps. Sure they have jobs, but at what cost? P.J. BreslinRifle

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