Delivery trucks get close eye from Aspen parking officers |

Delivery trucks get close eye from Aspen parking officers

Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times

The city’s Parking Department is taking proactive measures this holiday season concerning delivery vehicles.

Parking Director Mitch Osur said officers have been monitoring downtown loading zones, alleyways and regular parking spaces.

The U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx and other delivery services have enough loading zones to do their jobs, even during one of the busiest times of the year, Osur noted. But other than the Postal Service, they’ll be ticketed if they park without paying in a regular space, he said. The Postal Service is given immunity from parking tickets if its carriers are performing their job duty at the time of the infraction.

Private parking officer Brit Queer, also known as the boot man, recently has been warning postal carriers not to park in certain areas of the Clark’s Market lot because it disrupts the flow of traffic.

“Basically, if (the mailer carriers) are in performance of their duty, they have special access,” Scott Caskey, postmaster at the Aspen office, said last week.

“I know I can’t touch them, I can’t boot them,” Queer said. “It’s against the law.”

Other delivery services, however, don’t get the same break.

“We would definitely give them (the UPS and FedEx) a ticket,” Osur said. “We have plenty of loading zones in town where they park.”

Last week, parking officers warned a postal carrier that he was parked too close to an alleyway off Galena Street.

“We have lots of trucks coming into town during this time of the year, so we really look at the alleyways,” Osur said.

Vehicles with government plates also don’t have to pay to park. Osur said one of his goals is to encourage government employees to park in the Aspen parking garage to open up more spaces downtown.


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