Defiance Thrift Store thanks Aspen |

Defiance Thrift Store thanks Aspen

Dear Editor:

The Defiance Thrift Store, now at its new location at 2412 South Glen in Glenwood Springs, would like to thank several local merchants for their recent donations that have provided Defiance with quality merchandise and expanded our selection of needed clothing.

Skiwear from Sunlight Mountain Resort came just in time for the first snow, and the Basalt boutique Traffic donated some beautiful women’s wear for the holidays.

Especially popular and sought out by Defiance customers is the generous donation of shoes, boots, jeans and other goodies from Boogie’s in Aspen. The recent truckloads from Boogie’s are especially appreciated for Defiance’s upcoming grand opening, Dec. 1-3.

Sandy’s Office Supply in Aspen and Glenwood also donated special display fixtures.

The support of local merchants and donors helps the Defiance Thrift Store provide funds for social programs such as Lift-Up and Family Visitor Program.

Leslie Robinson, manager, The Defiance Thrift Store

Glenwood Springs