Defending DiSalvo |

Defending DiSalvo

Dear Editor:After reading several of your letters to the editor with bias and belligerent attitude toward our local law-enforcement office and Joe DiSalvo in particular, one has to wonder about some of the scathing letters written from people who obviously don’t know Joe.Perhaps they have had bad experiences with law enforcement officers or heard stories without all the facts; otherwise they would recognize that they emulate the behavior they so righteously condemn.I don’t know all the facts about that night and I have read very little about the man Joe allegedly hit, but I have had the privilege of knowing Joe for 14 years with numerous examples of his high standard of professionalism, his good heart and helping friends in need.When we lost our son in a ski accident in March, Joe and his wife Marcy called us several times from their vacation just to check on us. His compassion and genuine concern for our well-being touched us deeply.For years, both Bob Braudis and Joe DiSalvo have demonstrated unwavering dedication to their positions, a personal commitment to the community and professional standards that have garnered state accolades.I am not sure how I would have handled the situation that confronted Joe that night but I know that Joe would rather laugh and smooth over any situation and would only act in self-defense if he felt threatened for his wife’s safety or his own.If Joe was an “average Joe” and not an off-duty chief of investigations, the DA would not have bothered and the incident would have been buried in the back of the paper and received little attention. Papers can make or break careers with decisions to present “the facts.” Why don’t we know more about the other guy’s job and character?Bill LeachAspen

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