Defending Churchill |

Defending Churchill

Dear Editor:I admit, Mr. Churchill is a little militant in his thinking and method of communication. However, his positions as tenured CU professor and as former chair of his department are well deserved.This man is highly intelligent, and is an accomplished historian. Any who have ever read his writings or heard his lectures would agree. The essays and books Ward Churchill has authored are supreme in academic method; loaded with extensive footnote and bibliography references, which are laden with in-depth tangents of relevant subject matter. I would venture to speculate that few historians are as thorough in discipline of both research and reference of statistics, while still able to be unique and critical in presentation of information.Furthermore, his grammar is highly original, yet sound, and his display of vocabulary astounding (in both writing and lecture). Reading his books are as challenging and rewarding an academic experience I have ever had the privilege of experiencing.The primary focus of his writings have fallen upon topics of genocide and violent oppressions of one culture by another that have occurred in recent centuries. He has had the courage to thoroughly document the past murder and ongoing injustice perpetrated by Caucasians upon the Native peoples of North America. Few in our society are honest enough to recognize, and motivated enough to write and speak publicly about, shameful crimes against humanity committed by our forefathers, and our current complicity in them today.Are we so blind to think that only the “other guy” or other country is guilty of wrong doing?For God’s sake, it is rumored that the coalition allies have killed an approximate 100,000 Iraqis in the past few years! Could this not qualify as mass murder or genocide? Are these sacrificial casualties worth the success of removing Hussein from power? Or does every Iraqi life deserve as much sanctity and praise as the nearly 1,500 individual lives of the coalition soldiers lost? These are difficult questions to ask, but a person could easily look upon the American government as murderously imperialistic by nature; and we as civilians are complicit by voting Bush pack into the presidency.Any ridicule of Ward Churchill is probably without a knowledgeable exposure to his work, and is certainly without honesty in self-examination of our own government’s history of foreign policy.Christopher BrodSnowmass

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