Defendant comes to Aspen court drunk |

Defendant comes to Aspen court drunk

Jason Auslander
The Aspen Times

A 36-year-old man charged with using a bank card he found in an Aspen ATM to steal $200 showed up drunk to a District Court hearing Tuesday morning.

District Judge Gail Nichols was about to advise Daniel Enzfelder of the case against him at about 11 a.m. when Aspen prosecutor Andrea Bryan stood up and said she was concerned because he smelled of alcohol and wasn’t supposed to be drinking because of bond conditions.

“We did karaoke,” Enzfelder said after Nichols told him she couldn’t continue the hearing because he might not understand what was happening. “I’m human. We all make mistakes.”

Enzfelder assured Nichols he understood what was happening, though the judge nonetheless ordered him to blow into a portable device that measures breath alcohol content.

“I’d much rather just pay the guy his $200 back,” Enzfelder said as Pitkin County sheriff’s deputies led him out of the courtroom.

Deputies later reported that he blew a .24, three times the legal driving limit, though there was no indication he drove himself to Tuesday’s hearing. Nichols then ordered deputies to take Enzfelder to jail until he was sober, at which time she said she would continue Tuesday’s hearing.

Nichols said that could be late Tuesday afternoon, but more likely Wednesday morning.

“I have a high metabolism,” Enzfelder said. “I have Superman’s metabolism.”

Enzfelder was allegedly caught on video using another man’s bank card to withdraw $200 from the ATM at U.S. Bank, at 420 E. Main St., on Aug. 3, according to court documents. He was arrested Aug. 26 and charged with felony criminal impersonation, unauthorized use of a financial transaction device and theft, both misdemeanors after two Aspen police officers later recognized Enzfelder from images forwarded by the bank.

Bryan previously said in court that Enzfelder’s criminal history began in 2012 and includes mostly drunk and disorderly charges from several states.