Defeat the ‘Skico 3’ |

Defeat the ‘Skico 3’

The Aspen Skiing Co. recently sent a letter to its employees and asked them to vote for three council candidates that would support their needs to grow Aspen (and Skico).

Skico, shame on you. Your letter is self-serving and puts your own development interests above maintaining Aspen’s unique charm and character for the long term.

If we want to avoid becoming a company town, we must work together to defeat the Skico’s endorsed three council candidates: Richards, Hershey and McCabe – collectively the “Skico 3.”

The Skico letter says: “We appreciate your consideration of these excellent candidates. We strongly encourage all Aspen Skiing Co. employees who live in the city of Aspen to register to vote and participate in this election.”

Decoded: Skico would like for us to be a company town following in the footsteps of Intrawest developments around the country.

Fortunately, this is America – we still cast a secret vote. So let us pull together and keep our town our town. Vote for anyone except the “Skico 3.” Working together, we can ensure that they don’t give away our future for their own gain.

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