Defeat big-money politics, go Green |

Defeat big-money politics, go Green

Dear Editor:

Just for fun, check out the website You can answer a list of questions that will tell you which presidential candidates you agree with. In my case, there were seven presidential candidates who I had agreement with, from 96 percent to 12 percent. Five of those I had either never heard of or barely heard of. As of now, some 15 may be on the ballot in Colorado.

So who the heck is Jill Stein, with whom I scored 96 percent?

Jill is the Green Party candidate. She is a doctor who graduated from Harvard Medical School. She became active in Massachusetts state politics about 10 years ago when a number of groups were successful in getting the voters to pass a Clean Election Law to get big money out of politics. Soon thereafter, the Massachusetts Legislature, Democratically controlled, overturned the law on an unrecorded vote. That ticked her off.

The Green Party is advocating for a Green New Deal patterned on the work of FDR. Put people back to work in the green economy by building alternative energy and rebuilding aging infrastructure. And Jill, as a health professional, is especially concerned about the damage to public health, and particularly of children, which is the direct result of industries that spew poison into the air and water and work against healthy lifestyles. FDR fought against the big money to pass the landmark legislation like Social Security and controls on big business.

Now we have two big-money candidates vying for the election: Obama and Romney. More will be spent on this election than on any several others in history. Go Green if you think an oligarchy is a bad idea.

People have railed at Ralph Nader for bringing us George Bush. That’s a myth, perpetrated by the Democratic Party bosses. Exit polling proved that an equal number of people from both parties voted for Ralph, and also folks who weren’t planning to vote anyway.

Actually, it is time for a change.

Patrick Hunter


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