Deep pockets |

Deep pockets

Tim Mutrie

Yahtzee!Yesterday hit like an overlooked stocking-stuffer – the present you wanted, thought Santa forgot, and then, lo and behold, found hiding behind a set of gaudy andirons.Wet, sticky, deep and all, a post-Christmas present of a foot-plus of fresh snow arrived, quizzically, in the form of yet another holiday tiding. Our two previous deposits of note, you’ll remember, the reason we’ve been skiing with any dignity at all since Thanksgiving came in the form of a Halloween night dump and then a Turkey Day weekend superdump.So, that’s the cycle we’re in – holidaze – and here’s hoping that New Year’s brings the same bounty. (With all due respect, Kwanza, which runs from Dec. 26 to New Year’s Day, is still being celebrated. So merry Kwanza, too.)Deep, deep pockets of powder were exploited with prejudice at all four mountains yesterday, and huge, huge crowds came out to take part in the pillaging. No matter though, this jones was satisfied.On The Hill correspondents reported face shots in Perry’s on Ajax, mondo troughs – you are my density, er, destiny – in Kessler’s at Highlands and, presumably, the same just about every place else that steepness afforded enough kinetic energy to plow through the goods.The line at the gondola stretched to Durant Street at times, locals said, while crowds at Highlands and Snowmass swelled to Vail-esque proportions.”All those pent-up powder people finally got out there,” one observer noted.Jackpot made its season debut at Ajax. Over at Highlands, the ski patrol hoped to open Temerity by afternoon, but alas, apparently did not manage to, what with control routes and injured skiers to assist.As for the crowds, one snowboard diva who had a blast ripping up Hyrups, among other Ajax classics, had this to say: “The gondola had a huge line and I just walked right past it, like, f— this, I’m not gonna wait.”So … what’s up for today? Did we mention Highland Bowl didn’t open at all yesterday? Nope. I guess we didn’t. That probably should’ve been higher in the story. Shucks.