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December 2003

December starts with 2 weeks of what I call social

house cleaning, where you lose all the people from

your life who are no longer giving and bringing you

proper value. You might remove some and others will

remove themselves. It can be a lonely time, but be

assured that you are cleaning house, and then new

people will arrive who give you full and appropriate

value and appreciation.

Some of the old gang are likely to stay because they

DO still give value and are of value. You’ll know by

the end of the month.

All of this is also connected to the fact that are

confronting lots of father/authority issues in your

life and in yourself. Try to be gentle to and with you

along the way, ok?

Remember I said the following in November, to remind

you: “From mid-month till the end of December you will

have big growth leaps that involve expansion of your

awareness of deep inner demons and passion. You will

be connecting with both buried anger and passion, both

needing to be released in healthy ways.”

The middle two week period of the month you will be

doing a lot of mental restructuring (no surprise

there!) and also opening to more love, and some women

will fall pregnant in this time… as it is very

propitious to do so. Others will fall in love… I

know both those statements could be true at any time

of the year, but my point is that this a great time

for them, and if you get pregnant or fall in love it

will have high chances of success.

Otherwise these two weeks are a like calmer – thank

heavens you will be saying!!

Note that we are also in quite a long period of

psychic opening and spiritual development that occurs

because rigid structures will be dissolving…. some

will lose jobs, others will end relationships…

whatever you hold onto for “safety” will likely go or

change or just not feel as solid. Do not panic! It is

leading you to a deeper, more spiritual level and

experience of safety in life and in the Universe.

The last two weeks there is a more demanding social

house cleaning where the Universe is demanding that

you remove ALL people who are not worthy of you. What

this means in practice, is if people lift you, inspire

you, love you, then they stay. If they drain you, take

you down, do not fully see and appreciate you then

they have to go. If they are in between they have to


By all means give them a chance to up their game, but

the energies are saying you have to value you enough

that only people who truly love and value you can be

in your life now… YOU are no longer allowed to

devalue yourself by having lesser people around you.

Got it? I hope so, because if you fudge this you will

get spanked one way or another, mark my words!

And so you will start a New Year as a New Person with

a new life and new self value. Wowee!