Debt ceiling or killing floor?

Dear Editor:

I’m taking bets on which way the debt ceiling debacle will go. Default? Economic Armageddon? Or a last-minute miracle as our political puppets, ah, I mean leaders, somehow pull it together and save the day.

Whew, another disaster averted … everything’s OK again. For the moment. I feel hopeful, until I wake up to the herd of elephants continuing their stampede right through the middle of my living room, crushing what few assets I still have left. Keep ’em arguing and fighting. Divide and conquer, the oldest trick in the book, folks. And if we don’t wake up to it, our middle-class could soon be living with the same economic conditions that, say … Mexico … has enjoyed for decades.

Whatever happens Aug. 2 (or the next contrived deadline they decree), I sure hope and pray that the boys and girls in Washington will have the moral courage to do the right thing for the people in this country. The elderly, the poor, and now the middle-class are counting on you. Wish you could hear us out here … outside the Beltway Battlefield.

We, as citizens, also have to get off our butts and do the right thing. It’s not OK to sit back anymore. Now is the time to put the pressure on our government officials … at every level. Write letters, make calls, demand accountability. And most importantly, educate yourself on how the money game is played. Your mission, should you decide to accept it. Watch the short series on YouTube entitled “Money as Debt.” See how much you really know – or thought you knew – about how the game began, and how it’s played right now.

Come on, I dare you! Pretty please?

Jackie Chenoweth