Death report was accurate |

Death report was accurate

Despite a story to the contrary printed in another local newspaper,an Aspen Times obituary correctly reported the death of formerAspen resident Eugene Mark Siegel.The Times obituary, which ran on Feb. 25, reported that Siegelhad died in Miami on Feb. 20 at the age of 50 from a chronic ulcercondition.However, in its Monday, March 1 edition, the Aspen Daily News”Z.G.” column stated that the Times obituary was incorrect andthat Siegel was still alive.According to the News column, Eugene Siegel had called the newspaperto report that he was very much alive. The column suggested thatthe Times needed to edit its stories more carefully.The Times discovered that the call to the Daily News had comefrom a Eugene Mark Siegel living in New Mexico. A phone call tothat man determined he was not the man described in the obituary- although the two men had identical names.”The obituary was correct. It wasn’t me. You guys didn’t do anythingwrong,” said the Eugene Siegel of New Mexico.Murray Reuben, a longtime friend of the Miami Siegel, verifiedthat the obituary was correct. “I’m sorry to say it’s true,” hesaid.Aspen Daily News Editor James Burrus apologized yesterday forthe Z.G. column. He admitted he hadn’t checked any further aftergetting the phone call from the New Mexico Siegel.The Daily News editor said he received calls from friends of theman who had died, saying the obituary in The Aspen Times was correct.”I am so sorry; I apologize,” Burrus told the Times. “After wetalked to the guy we were all laughing about it. Then later thatnight, I started thinking I should have looked into it a littlebit more.”The report in the Daily News sparked at least one angry phonecall to the Times from someone who knew the Miami Siegel. Burrussaid anyone upset about the error could call him at 925-2220.Eugene Siegel of Miami lived in Aspen for some 20 years, wherehe worked as a builder.

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