Death of a river |

Death of a river

Thank you Janet Urquhart and Adam Preskill for the articles (and pictures) on the tragic death of our Roaring Fork River.

As I went past the river and watched it die a little more each day, I wondered how can this happen? Isn’t anyone noticing how horrible our once beautiful river is looking?

I pleaded with the papers to do an article so people might take notice. Maybe something could be done by someone out there, and fast.

It is so hard to see the ditches full of water and the river is just rocks and tiny pools with some fish barely clinging to life. It seems most of the invertebrates (the aquatic bugs the fish need for food) are destroyed – they cannot survive out of water.

If Edward Abbey and the eco-terrorists were alive, they would blow up the ditch diversions and ask questions later. Now it seems it will take divine intervention to get the ditch companies to give the river back just enough water to save the fish.

When our Division of Wildlife person, Alan Czenkusch, thinks hay and gentleman ranches are worth letting our river ecosystem die, who’s left to fight for nature?

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I’m a fishing guide and angler, but more important, I love and appreciate our rivers because they are the lifeblood of our planet.

Can’t we please at least share some of the water out of the ditches to save the upper Roaring Fork?

Judy Norman


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