Dear Mr. President: |

Dear Mr. President:

(This letter was originally addressed to President George Bush.)Dear Editor:What is our worst nightmare about Iraq? Answer: Iran and Syria taking over if we withdraw. Here is a KISS plan. Move most coalition troops to the Syrian and Iranian borders to stop the flow of bombers, arms, explosives, etc. into Iraq.Concerned about a civil war? It’s well under way and has been for a long time. I say, let them duke it out. But, for God’s sake, get our loyal troops out of harm’s way. Since they will be there a long time, stop patrolling in Baghdad and other hots pots. Let the Iraqi army stop the madness. It’s their country and their civil war.Redeploying troops is not rocket science. Even Rumsfeld could manage that.Every day, when another soldier dies, it breaks my heart, as well as all Americans.Yours for peace with security (someday).Richard C. GoodwinSnowmass Village

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