Dean backers should join Kucinich campaign |

Dean backers should join Kucinich campaign

Howard Dean ended his presidential campaign, but wants “to continue the effort to transform the Democratic Party and to change our country.” Appropriately, Dean urged his supporters to send “progressive delegates” to the Democratic convention.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has long taken its progressive wing for granted. In my opinion, the worst thing progressives could do right now is jump on the Kerry-Edwards bandwagon.

Moreover, rather than voting for ex-candidate Dean, his supporters would be much more effective if they joined forces with the most progressive candidate still in the race, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (

Kucinich, largely ignored by mainstream media, would benefit greatly from an infusion of Deaniac energy. In turn, Dean supporters would have Kucinich, an active candidate, espousing their shared vision of a peaceful and prosperous future for all Americans.

Bottom line: With Dean out of the race, Kucinich is the candidate to carry the progressive torch ” and delegates ” to the Democratic convention.

Mary Forthofer