Deafening silence |

Deafening silence

Dear Editor:Question: Why aren’t Sue Gray and the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition (the so-called “peace advocates”) protesting the Lebanese army’s shelling of Palestinian civilian areas occupied by al-Qaida terrorists?Answer: Because the terrorists are REALLY bad people who kill civilians.Question: When it is Israel pursing the terrorists – also hiding in civilian areas – then there is a deafening outcry! Why the double standard, Ms. Gray?Answer: (s-i-l-e-n-c-e).THIS is what we most decry … Ms. Gray’s obvious double standard. One (highly critical) standard for Israel and a “pass” for all others … doing exactly the same thing.We deplore Sue Gray’s selective criticism of one party … and her (and the RFPC’s) silence on other conflicts where terrorists target innocent civilians: Extremist Arab Muslim killing of black Muslims in Darfur. Extremist Arab Muslim killing of Coptic Christians in Egypt. Extremist Muslim killing of Hindus in India. Extremist Muslim killing of Buddhists elsewhere in Asia. Extremist Arab Muslim infiltration in largely peaceful Muslim Indonesia trying to convert peaceful Sufi Muslims into Salafist killers who embrace Wahhabism (funded by the Saudis with vast oil moneys). And, of course, extremist Arab Muslim killing of Israelis by land and by aerial bombardment (Qassam rockets launched by the hundreds into Israeli by terrorists in Gaza and Kassem rockets launched from Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon).Ms. Gray has lost her vocal cords while the Lebanese army’s attempts to rid their country of Sunni al-Qaida terrorists who are hiding in the midst of civilians in the Palestinian refugee camps. Not a squeak of protest. But, when it is Israel trying to root out Hezbollah terrorists hiding in Shi’a-dominated civilian areas of southern Lebanon, we need earplugs to drown out Ms. Gray’s protests!Lebanon’s actions have not been criticized by Sue Gray (and the RFPC). What is their justification to attack Israel for identical actions? What conclusions should we draw from Ms. Gray’s selective attacks on one party but not the other? Gray and her “peace-activist” cohorts REALLY do have a political agenda – a political agenda that is anti-Israel? “Peace activists” hate Israel and draw sharp distinctions between the “Zionist entity” and others opposed to terrorism? It’s OK when terrorists’ acts kill Israelis (mainly Jews) and not worthy of a response? When Israelis (there are Christians, Jews and some Muslim Druze in the Israeli army) defend themselves, it is worthy of protests by “peace-loving” members of the RFPC led by Sue Gray?Ms. Gray and her RFPC – the Aspen and downvalley communities need your help in understanding why you justify this double standard. Are you choosing to ignore this because it just doesn’t conform to your REAL agenda … your misguided opinion that Israel is the ONLY source of problems in the region? And, that your solution is to deny Israel the right to exist!Why the deafening silence?David KudishAspen

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