Deadline extension, please |

Deadline extension, please

Dear Editor:

I’d like to request on behalf of many local residents that you extend the date to refill our current in-car meters until the end of January 2009 to allow those of us that were not “in the know” to add more parking funds before the end of this month.

I personally was away visiting my daughter over the Christmas holiday, and happened to notice an article written just this week in one of the local papers mentioning that this person was able to refill his car meter before the end of December 2008, but that the end of the year was the final date allowed! This was not publicized, but I assure you many of us would have chosen to extend time on our meters had we known; for obvious reasons, our current meters are much more convenient to use than the new system …

The news that was circulating was only that in-car meters were no longer available, but most of us would have appreciated the opportunity to refill our current meters one last time before we then exhaust the time purchased, and in the end turn them in for a refund on our initial deposit. And, of course, it would be much appreciated if this deadline could be publicized in both daily papers to allow each and every one this bit of good cheer to bring in the New Year! Thanks very much for your consideration.

Susan Capiel-Collin


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