Daydreaming of Tuesday’s Jackpot |

Daydreaming of Tuesday’s Jackpot

Marta Darby

Aspen, CO Colorado

With warm temperatures the past few days and no big dumps in the forecast, I find myself daydreaming about last Tuesday.

Lap after lap, I descended Aspen Mountain. My legs burned. I refused to listen to their screams. I wanted just one more. So selfishly, I fed their pain.

Just one more.

My quads fought a losing battle against the ripe snow conditions on Aspen Mountain’s Jackpot Tuesday, as my skis bounced and skipped over the bumps.

At the bottom of the hill, I became an automaton:

Pop off skis.

Scan pass.


Blast down.


I chose new lines, found fresh stashes hidden in the trees. Once, I even considered trying a different run.

But, it was just too good.

I wanted to ski it all off, all by myself, and only on Jackpot.

“So, where have you been skiing?” my gondolamates would ask.

“Oh, you know … all over.”

Jackpot is mine.

It wasn’t until I took three face shots in one run that I finally relented. Skidding into the bottom, my face blanketed with snow, I popped my skis off for the last time that day and gave my quads the rest of the day off.

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