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Danke shöen

Dear Editor:The Red Brick Council for the Arts would like to thank everyone who made our annual art auction fundraiser a wonderful event. Over 90 local artists donated incredible works and local businesses and caterers helped make the event a success by donating food, wine and gift certificates. It was a wonderful community event.Please join us in thanking the following people who made this event so successful: Gene Adcock, Elisa Ahmer, Chris Anderson, Charles Andrade, Mary Ballou, Nancy Barbour, Langford Barksdale, Gail Bartik, Marith Berens, Michael Bonds, Stuart Brafman, Jack Brendlinger, Sheila Broderick, Eduardo Cagna, Doug Casebeer, Bob Chamberlain, Suzanne Clarke, Casey Coffman, Mary Conover, Roger Davis, Kimberly De Fries, Holly Dewire, Joan Engler, Michael Fain, Betty Farson, Royle Freund, Muriel Ganz, Bill Gruenberg, Judy Haas, Kay Hannah, Cindy Hansen, Hinton Harrison, Sam Harvey, Gena Hawkins, Mary Hayes, Lyn Hemley, Kathy Honea, Katherine Hubbard, Christie Interlante, Grace Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Lauren Kearns, Dianne Kenney, Junee Kirk, Sue Knable, Linda Koones, Nancy Kullgren, Tammie Lane, Larry Lefner, Donna Linnecke, Linda Loeschen, Nancy Lovendahl, Connie Madsen, Lisa Farson Maher, David Marlow, Shelly Safir Marolt, Alicia Matesanz De Las Heras, Laurie McBride, Alleghany Meadows, Carol Miller, Peggy Mink, Cliff Mohwinkel, Virginia Morrow, Jayne Mosher, Susan Muenchen, Carol Murphy, David Notor, Susan Olsen, Rick Parsons, Michael Raaum, Sara Ransford, Alan Roberts, Marcia Rothblum, Pat Rothman, Jessica Salet, Lloyd Schermer, Barry Sheehan, Terry Shepard, David Shinn, Terry Stephenson, Paul Soldner, George Stranahan, Michael Stranahan, JT Thompson, Lucy Tremols, Katie Van Alstine, Mark Van Alstine, Ann Vores, Georgeanne Waggaman, Betty Weiss, Nancy Westfeldt, Michael Wisner, Will Young, Amy Zausmer.The Aspen Daily News, The Aspen Times, KSNO, KSPN , Airport Conoco, Aspen Club and Spa, Aspen Community Church, Aspen Cornucopia, Aspen Health Works, Aspen Jewel Box, Aspen Music Festival and School, Youth Experience, Backdoor Catering, Battlement Mesa Golf Course, Bennett Bramson, Cantina, Carl’s Pharmacy, Casey’s Closets, City of Aspen Recreation Center, City Market, Clarks Market, Conundrum Catering, Cooking School of Aspen, Curious George, Dreamtime Water, Grape and Grain, Hickory House, Iguana’s, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, Larry McIntyre Catering, Optika, Pomeroy Sports, RFTA, Suitable for Framing, S. Rhodes Vineyards, St. Regis, Steak Pit, Summit Distribution, Snowmass Wellness Experience, Suitable for Framing, Takah Sushi, Theatre Aspen, Wally’s Waste Solutions, Woody Creek Winery, Yampah Spa, Village Caterers, Vapor Caves.An enormous THANK YOU goes to all of these people and to you in the community who came to the event and supported the Red Brick by buying a piece of art or a business item. Your contribution will help us continue our community programs and our availability as a community resource.Debra MuzikarExecutive DirectorRed Brick Council for the Arts


WineInk: Wine at Food & Wine

It may seem like it’s a bit early to be thinking about the premier summer event in Aspen, after all we are still skiing on fresh snow on all four mountains. But the 40th Anniversary of the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen is not that far away. This year’s Classic takes place June 16-18 which is just two turns of the pages of the calendar. The event sold out quickly and an exciting lineup featuring the best of the food and wine world has already been announced.

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