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Danke schoen

Dear Editor:

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated Oktoberfest at St. Mary’s last Sunday. It was a glorious day and a fun community event!

Thank you to all our volunteers, Adalaide, Edwin, Ned and Heather Ryerson, Charlie, Cecelia, Patrick, Theresa and Ellie Martin, Joseph O’Callahan, Jonathan Woodrow, George Hart, Joey Vernier, Michael, Daniel, Christopher and Loren Ryerson, Erlinda Morehead, Will Casey, Joel Scott, Kathy McGowan, Heidi, Cheyenne, Logan and Patrick Gorbitz, Jemma, Claire and Chantal Howard and Claire O’Sullivan.

Thanks to Jack Reese, Rosie Wettstein and City Market for their donations. Thanks to The Aspen Times, especially Paul Conrad, The Aspen Daily News, KUUR, KSNO and KSPN for their PR help.

A huge thanks to European Caterers for the fabulous food and a special thanks to the Oberlorh Brothers from Vail, for providing the entertainment.

Please join us next year, we promise to have more than enough food and libation for everyone! In the meantime, please join us for St. Patrick’s Day Dinner on March 17, 2009!

Vielen Dank.

Fr. Michael O’Brien

Peter Howard

Jeannie Walla

Mary Ryerson


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