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Dangerous precedent

Dear Editor:

I am a voting resident of Garfield County. The object of this letter is to ask you to, please, consider yourselves employed by the citizens of Garfield County, not the gas and oil companies.

The Nov. 14 death of Chris Mobaldi (age 63) from a rare and persistent pituitary tumor and other very rare disease processes was a sad fact. This woman was cut down prematurely because of the geographical location of a natural gas well too close to her home. I predict that Chris and others battling disease and death are going to be known as the canaries in the coal mine.

Thursday the Post Independent reported that Garfield County has chosen to halt the lawsuit against Antero Resources’ pipeline project, which was improperly located and, perhaps, dangerously installed on the Bob Regulski property.

Why not hold Antero to the same standard you hold your citizens?

Commissioner Martin, please exit the 19th century and join the 21st. A corporate “handshake” is neither binding nor valid. You and Commissioner Samson have set a dangerous precedent; dangerous to the people who live in GarCo.

I have to wonder why the “corporate individual”/gas and oil companies have more power than the voters.

Laura Van Dyne