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Dangerous intersection

(This letter was originally addressed to Charles Meyer at the Colorado Department of Transportation.)Dear Editor:I’m an ambassador for the Aspen Ski Co. and volunteer at Buttermilk on Sundays, greeting guests and showing them around the mountain. Buttermilk is very popular with school-age children who are learning how to ski or snowboard or who have advanced on to its terrain parks.The problem is that many of these children have to cross Highway 82 at the traffic light at Owl Creek Road in order to get to the bus stop to go home. Since I also take the bus from and back to Basalt when I ski Buttermilk, I noticed a few years ago that when the pedestrian crossing light at this intersection flashes white, directing pedestrians to cross the highway, the traffic light for vehicles turning right from Owl Creek Road turns green. In other words, the vehicles coming from Snowmass, West Buttermilk and the Buttermilk ski mountain heading into Aspen who have been waiting at a red light and prohibited from turning right on red by signs, are turning right at the exact second pedestrians begin crossing the highway directly in the path of the turning vehicles.CDOT corrected this potentially disastrous situation by simply delaying by a few seconds the turning to green of the Owl Creek traffic signal, which gave the pedestrians enough time to get out into the middle of the highway. Unfortunately, this delay has been eliminated and children’s lives are again at risk.As a concerned citizen, I again request that this delay be re-established, at least during the ski season. Thank you for your anticipated consideration of this matter.Edward B. SimonsonBasalt


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