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‘Danger’ better than ‘Stupid’

I woke up with a snakebite Thursday morning. That, and a rampant case of the stupids. The combination didn’t bode well in my first trip to Highland Bowl, as part of a ski-packing posse.

The day started innocently enough. My sports editor picked me up at a quarter to eight, and I actually remembered everything when I left my apartment. But just what I remembered was stupid. Running out the door, I opted to bring my new skis, rather than my falling apart, nearly dead, rock skis. Dumb mistake No. 1.

Before hiking Highland Bowl, we dropped into Kessler’s Bowl. Near the bottom, I became very intimate with a nasty patch of sun crust, and while making a spastic attempt to turn out of it, lost an edge and slammed into my sports editor. Dumb mistake No. 2.

We both survived, but he didn’t seem to think it was as funny as I did. That was my first run, ever, at Highlands, and I didn’t even have my rock skis to blame.

Standing atop Highland Bowl, everything seemed to be back on track. Then, my tele-binding popped loose on my first turn. A moment later, while going a little too fast for variable, early-season conditions (dumb mistake No. 3), my skis found a barely submerged rock outcropping ” they stopped, and I kept going.

When I finally stopped rag-dolling, I was fine, but I knew my skis weren’t. An investigation at the bottom of the Loge Peak Lift revealed a baseball-size bulge between my binding and tip. My ski was broken. At first, all I could do was laugh, then I remembered my rock skis sitting at home ” they got the last laugh.

Just to add insult to injury, I found another rock in Deception on the last run of my doomed day. I flipped, and both of my skis took off downhill. Who could blame them?

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good first day at Highlands, at least I didn’t break my body. And, apparently I have a new nickname: Danger. Oh well, it’s better than Stupid.

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