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Danger and discourtesy

Dear Editor:On Sunday, July 3, I was riding upvalley from Basalt to Old Snowmass at roughly 1:45 p.m. on the bike path with my friend, Chris Seldin. While navigating the tight turns just north of Wingo Junction, I climbed a small hill, just ahead of Chris, and followed the path on a sharp right-hand turn.You came screeching down the other way, brakes locked. Your yellow mountain bike, sliding perpendicular to the path and out of control, clipped my front wheel, stopping it instantly, catapulting me over the handlebars and driving me directly onto my face. An unlucky accident on a busy holiday weekend.Unfortunately, as I stumbled to my feet and tried to clear the stream of blood pouring off my face, you instantly started discussing culpability. Then before I could even enter into a conversation with you, you asked if you could leave. In my dazed, blurry state, I said, “Whatever, yeah.” Without saying good-bye, or even mouthing sorry, you departed.This is not about who was at fault, this is about principle. I received 17 stitches on my face in three different lacerations – enough road rash to stick to my bed – a destroyed front wheel, broken sunglasses and a cracked helmet. When you saw me, I was obviously injured. I am amazed you didn’t even offer any sympathies or to ask to follow up later to see how I managed. Instead you rode off as if you were late.This is a small community. In the 34 years I have called this area home, such inconsiderate behavior is rare, especially on a bike path.I honestly wonder if you were more injured than it appeared, causing you to exhibit such impaired judgment.Peter McBrideBasalt

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