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Dancing around issues?

Dear Editor:

Let me see if I have this correct:

1) Bruno gets shot at (while at work) by an illegal alien or two in possession of a rifle ” in our town, across the street from the middle school, because they don’t like his hat.

2) He then gets fired for “being a target” and speaking his mind.

3) He gets chastised by every media outlet in the valley for his opinion.

4) Chris Seldin and his cronies decide to throw a party to appease the shooters and

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his friends, and call it a “relations-improvement dance program” to “get on the right foot.” To calm the “awakened tensions” in the community and have a “party” to “break down the barriers and have some fun.”

5) They are the “diversity committee,” having a dance called the “baile en la calle” (dance in the street), with a Mariachi band, a Latino DJ, salsa dancing with lessons and Mexican food.

You’ve gotta be kidding me! Whom are we trying to meld into the pot?

Way to go Seldin, Capron, McBride and Tennenbaum (all Basalt council members) and one unidentified Basalt police officer. (Did ya catch the shooter yet? Maybe we can crown him Mr. Basalt at the dance.)

Brian Dillard