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Damn un-American

Yesterday, when walking my dog in Basalt, I saw a picture of a Hummer taped to the outside of Pomeroy Sports. The caption on the picture said something to the effect, “Who needs to drill for oil in the Alaskan wilderness?”

What kind of despicable person would make fun of someone’s choice of a vehicle? And who cares if we drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

If someone wants to drive a gas-guzzler, why not? It’s our God-given right to consume as much of the world’s resources as we can get our hands on.

And if we don’t have our hands on it, then we should go into the wilderness and get our hands on it or send our young men and women in the military to conquer places that do have It.

To think otherwise is damn un-American. So get yourself a Hummer. You deserve it.

Gerald R. Terwilliger


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