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Damn fool suggestion

As a director of the Aspen Skiing Corp. (before it became the Aspen Skiing Co.) from 1946 to 1957, and as President and CEO from 1957 to 1980, I saw or listened to more than a fair share of damn fool suggestions on how to run the business.

I read in the April 1 issue that the Aspen Skiing Co. had received a request to give free lift tickets to Native Americans because their ancestors had been here long before civilization caught up with the Roaring Fork Valley.

I would like to point out that long before ski lifts there were mountain men, trappers, prospectors, miners, con men, and prostitutes here in our valley. Extending this line of reasoning, should not their descendents also be eligible for freebies?

Had we given lift passes to everyone who came into my office with a request for a pass, the company would long since been out of business. Between the sad shape of our economy and the not-so-good snow conditions this year, the Aspen Skiing Co. has problems enough without being heckled by do-gooders with requests for their favorite charities.

D.R.C. Brown


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