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Daily News ad is vile

Well, you, the Aspen Daily News, sure know how to mess up a good thing. Aspen has an image and that image has been tarnished by your “need more advertisers for Gay Ski Week” ad.

Namely, the Sunday, Jan. 25, page 13 ad. How stupid can you be? This letter to the editor is just our way of letting you know that we’ve yanked all of our present and future association with the Daily News at this time due to the immoral, vile, degenerate, lewd and suggestive nature of this ad.

You have made it clear that you will do anything for money ” even at the expense of the good people of this town. Due to the nature of my work, I received a ton of calls on Sunday and Monday concerning this ad ” even from Coor’s Brewing in Boulder.

I have, in turn, advised my friends in the business community to yank their ad budgets in the daily until further notice. If the Aspen Daily News wants to prostitute its self for the gaining of money ” while at the same time damaging the image of Aspen ” maybe they should not be in business.

The national backlash from their “ad whore promotional conduct” is, has and will only continue to hurt the fragile reputation of Aspen. Apologies in future editions can not change what you’ve done with the publishing of one of the most disgusting, lewd advertisements I’ve ever seen. Apologies at this point mean nothing. Good bye, Aspen Daily News.

Justin Plumlee

UAV Magazine