Daily has the right wisdom and insight

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to the Aspen community that I have known and loved while growing up and raising children here.

My father, Art Daily, is running for City Council. I want to share with you some qualities of his that I have appreciated more and more as I have become a more connected adult in this wonderful town. He has long been recognized as one of the finest attorneys in the valley. However, there is so much more that he has to offer.

I have seen my father through the darkest times a human being can endure, from facing unimaginable tragedy to guiding others through times of great grief and loss. His 45 years in the valley have been a never-ending passage of digging deeper into the spirit of the people of this town.

He has been lovingly guided in ways that have brought him to a place of deep devotion toward the well-being of this community. Through his journey raising five children here, representing clients back to the times of the Benedicts and the Paepckes and creating healthy relationships with the many elements of our community, my father has established roots that are secure and long-standing. His philosophy is not based so much on his own personal opinions as it is on a deep caring and awareness of the well-being of the people he has grown to love in Aspen.

He will be a fair and honorable representative of this town.

Piper Rothberg